Amphoteric Surfactants

SensaFoam™ ZF

DescriptionSensaFoam™ ZF is a very pure amphoteric surfactant with best product purity. This plant-based surfactant has optimal odor and taste. SensaFoam™ ZF is cold processible with anionic, cationic or nonionic substances. It has a low viscosity aqueous solution and is pumpable. SensaFoam™ ZF is especially suitable for the use in oral care products such as toothpastes. As a very mild surfactant it may also be used in all kinds of skin and hair cleansing products, such as shampoos, shower and bath preparations, and liquid soaps.
Chemical Name/INCICocamidopropyl Betaine
Active Matter/Activity30%
pH Range4.5 – 5.5
  • Personal Care
  • Beauty
Perservative SystemSodium Benzoate
Manufacturing LocationUSA