At Kensing, we are driven by our main purpose “to deliver peace of mind to our customers and help them deliver better products, day after day.” To support this, Kensing invests in the industry’s purest ingredients from natural feedstocks and embraces sustainability and the digitization of our assets. We believe it takes more than a strong business to build a great company, and to be a good company we must first do good as a company.

Through this procurement policy, we intend to make our operations more sustainable by:

  • Upholding the laws and regulations of the respective countries we operate in
  • Endorsing the highest standards for environmental, social, ethical, and economic practices
  • Identifying and mitigating risks associated with our procurement strategies
  • Ensuring communication of our policy with stakeholders, both internal and external, and raising awareness among our suppliers

To read the full Sustainable Procurement Policy, click the link below.