A New Standard in
High-Purity Anionic Surfactants Technology

Now, you can flexibly renew your formulations and renew your ability to respond to the most stringent and emerging regulatory changes.

Kensing, the market leader in high-purity anionic surfactant solutions, is excited to present ReNu, a line of high-performance anionic surfactants created to address the most recent evolution in regulations. These include amendments to the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) Article 35 and Article 37 in the state of New York.

Today, Kensing is the only manufacturer with full industrial scale capability in ultra-pure anionic surfactants, allowing you to formulate with full flexibility. With ReNu technology, formulators can maintain the unparalleled sensory profile and cleaning performance of anionic surfactants, without compromise.

INCI Name: Sodium Laureth Sulfate