Pure Solutions: Amphoteric Surfactants

Our mild amphoteric co-surfactants offer synergistic thickening properties and good skin compatibility, especially in combination with anionic surfactants. Adding SensaFoam™ to your formulation improves the flash foam, foam stability and richness of your product. When combining amphoteric surfactants with other anionic surfactants like Kopacol or Sensapol, you thicken products with high-quality foaming without the use of other thickeners.

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Amphoteric Surfactants

Amphoteric Surfactants Brands


Amphoteric surfactant ideal for shampoos, bubble bath products and shower gels.


An amphoteric co-surfactant used for personal care and home care products, SensaFoam enhances foaming and improves product richness and mildness. It comes in a wide variety of highly-effective and precise formulations with different concentration amounts, depending on use.

INCI Name: Cocamidopropyl Betaine