Celebrating 100 Years of Vitamin E at in-cosmetics Global

Kensing Happy Hour

It is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of vitamin E. Kensing, a world leader in the production of plant-based vitamin E for over 50 years, is hosting a champagne happy hour at in-cosmetics Global to celebrate.

When: April 6, 4-5pm
Where: Booth #C58

First detected in 1922, vitamin E is one of the world’s most thoroughly researched supplements and one of the most widely used active ingredients in personal care. It is treasured for its natural skin protection properties and its ability to extend product shelf life and improve formulation stability. Ninety percent of the vitamin E used today is synthetic, but the usage of plant-based vitamin E is growing 60% faster. Plant-based vitamin E meets the increased consumer demand for natural products, and it’s twice as effective as synthetics. Kensing is a pioneer in its production, having produced plant-based vitamin E for over 50 years.

Kensing will be attending in-cosmetics Global in Paris, where they will be saluting the 100th anniversary of vitamin E’s discovery with a champagne happy hour. Attendees who visit booth #C58 on April 6, from 4-5 pm, will enjoy a collection of hors d’oeuvres and a glass of champagne as Kensing raises a toast to vitamin E’s remarkable discovery.

To learn more, visit Kensing’s in-cosmetics Global profile.