Pearlizing Agents

SensaGlo™ BL 315 Flake/MB

DescriptionSensaGlo™ BL 315 is a pearlizing agent. It forms in surfactant formulations as a bright white opalescence. In O/W emulsions it has consistency building and stabilizing properties. The higher melting point of SensaGlo™ BL 315 causes better stability of the pearlizing effect at higher temperatures. SensaGlo™ BL 315 gives a brilliant pearlizing effect to shampoos, shower and foam baths.
Chemical Name/INCIGlycol Distearate
Active Matter/Activity100 (Activity)
FormSolid Flake
  • Personal Care
  • Beauty
Perservative System
  • Perservative Free
Manufacturing LocationUSA